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09 Apr 2018 2:33 PM
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Black Panther has broken another record! (no surprises here)


The Marvel flick, which stars Chadwick Boseman and Michael B. Jordan, has overtaken Titanic to become the third highest-grossing film in US cinema history.

James Cameron’s Titanic held the top spot on the list for decades since its release in 1997, and was only replaced in recent years, first by Cameron’s other movie Avatar, which was bumped to second place by Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Black Panther has made $665.4 million domestically (at the time of publication), and is now the highest-grossing superhero movie of all time.

However, it’s going to take a lot for Black Panther to beat out Avatar, which, according to Box Office Mojo, has $760 million, just shy of $100 million more than its rival, and it doesn’t look like Black Panther could beat The Force Awakens’ nearly $937 million, though that depends on how long Marvel keeps Black Panther in cinemas.


Image Credit: Marvel Pictures